19th February 2023 – Indoor meeting, Botesdale

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We invited Margo Harrison and her dog Linus from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to our February meeting so we could present a cheque to them. Margo and Linus first came to give a talk to members and enlighten us on the charity we had chosen to fundraise for, two days prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Since then the charity has celebrated their 40th anniversary, welcomed a new CEO and expanded to 1013 partnerships across the UK.

Linus is now six years old and has been with Margo for four years and they were both very happy to be presented with our cheque for £700. Linus even came round to say thank you. Well done to all our members who contributed to the charity fundraising through raffles, football cards, charity squares and donations. We have thanked Margo for being so patient as over the pandemic we fundraised for East Coast Truckers for two years to make it worthwhile for them. We have since received a lovely certificate and thanks for our donation.

We started off fundraising for our next charity, Upbeat, at this meeting by holding a raffle.

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