19th November 2023 – Annual General Meeting

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This Annual General Meeting was very well attended by members and it was nice to meet some of our newer members. Our Chairman Carolyn read out a report which covered the events of the year and thanked members for helping out during the course of the year.

Our accounts are in a healthy position, but due to rising printing costs we have had to raise the membership fee for 2024. The Committee were all voted back in to their positions, as we didn’t have any nominations for posts.

A lot of events and suggestions for visits were put forward by members and we hope to be able to organise something which will include most of them. We are also looking into some new lines of Branch regalia.

We held a Football card at this meeting which raised £30 for our charity Upbeat and the winner was Dave Brown who received £10. So well done Dave. We had been given some models to sell to raise money for our charity and after an auction a further £32 was raised, and with the money from the refreshments we had a total of £92 raised for Upbeat.

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