18th December 2022 – Christmas Buffet

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We had to change our preferred date of 11th December to 18th, so, some of our members couldn’t attend. But in the end we had 18 members and family and there was lots of lovely food brought along.

Jacky and Brian started off proceedings with handing out the mulled wine and bringing along their Beetle Drive game. Members enjoyed the three games we had and this time with the Beetles we could make up during the game. The winner with 34 points was Bryn who won some chocolates. Well done Bryn.

While we enjoyed our buffet Marion handed us all around a general knowledge quiz and the answers were revealed after our meal. Joint winners of this were Carolyn and John and Jacky and Brian with a respectable 13 out of 15. The winners received a bottle of mulled wine.

Members attending were handed a Christmas card with a present of a scratch card, but we haven’t heard of any winners yet! We filled the football card held over from our November meeting and the winner was Jimmy who won £10. A lovely time with fellow members and a lot of fun.

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