Christmas Buffet Scole December 2018 - Iceni Minors

16th December 2018 – Christmas Buffet, Scole

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This year our Christmas Buffet went ahead and a good lot of members turned out for a fun afternoon. Firstly, we were treated to a glass of Mulled Wine and after that while the tables were cleared Tricia demonstrated how to fold a boat from paper. Our theme of the afternoon was fish. As we are collecting for the RNLI we chose this theme as they hold a fish supper in October for fund-raising. 

After Tricia showed how it was done, members then had a go and everyone had a go and completed a boat under her guidance. Next up was a reel in the fish game brought by Jacky and Brian. Some members had a go and bets were taken on who out of the two who were reeling in the fish would win. Some of us ladies were a bit put out when our husbands bet on the opposition! If you bet the correct colour your name then went into a draw for a prize and the winner was Al Chapman, so well done Al.

Then we tucked into the buffet brought by members with some lovely apple juice brought by one from his own orchard. While we had our food Tricia had brought along the RNLI fish supper quiz for 2018. This was done by tables and the winners were Sue and Steve Roberts and Ann and Nigel Baker-Querrelle’s table with a score of 31 out of 50, so well done to them and they received a prize each.

A draw for a box of biscuits was won by Tricia and all members received a present from the Branch for all their support over the year.

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