Christmas Buffet December 2019 - Iceni Minors

15th December 2019 – Christmas Buffet

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Scole Community Centre was filled with Branch members for our last meeting of the year. They brought along copious amounts of food and our Treasurer Jacky supplied us with Mulled Wine (non-alcoholic of course). 

We started the Buffet off with four games of Beetle Drive and the winners of the games were Terry Huggins, Carolyn Hancock, Mary Huggins and Sue Roberts. However, the member with the highest number of points after the four games was Roger Luddington who received a prize. The lowest score was also rewarded with the Booby prize, which went jointly to Ann Baker-Querelle and Marion Harding.

We then tucked into the delicious food on offer while looking at two quizzes that Secretary Tricia had brought along.  After the food our Chairman Mary cut a specially made 40th anniversary cake to start off our celebrations. 

Jackie Smith had kindly made a Traveller cake which we all much enjoyed.  Then it was on to the raffle. This year Jacky had brought along a special kind of raffle. When the tickets were drawn we all had to take our prizes, even if we won more than one. Then when all the prizes had been chosen the tickets were drawn again until they had all gone. So when your ticket was drawn you chose a prize from those that had already been won. 

There were a few prizes that got picked on a number of occasions that included some beer and wine! Then when the tickets had all been drawn and there was someone left without any prizes they could pick a prize from those already won. So everyone was a winner and the last to be chosen was able to get the prize they wanted. A very unusual raffle.

Tricia gave the answers to the quizzes and the winner of the first quiz, where the answers were all colours, was Ann and Nigel Baker-Querelle and Steve and Sue Roberts’ table with 22 out of 24. Then the winner of the music quiz was Martin Wallis’ table and Gordon and Angie Leaver with 17 out of 20. They all received prizes. We hope everybody enjoyed themselves.

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