1st May 2022 – Ipswich to Felixstowe Run

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After a break of two years because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the 50th Ipswich to Felixstowe run was held on 1st May. Six Branch vehicles had booked in to the run and they all met up at Asda Car Park, Ipswich. One of them was Norman’s Rover.

Claire and Matthew led the way from here to Christchurch Park, Ipswich where we were all able to park together. We caught up with another of our members from Essex here. Our Chairman Carolyn and her dog Marmite were photographed among the crowd and featured in an article in the East Anglian Daily Times. This was Carolyn’s first drive out with her new van Norman. At this point the weather wasn’t too bad.

Then we were off to Felixstowe, led again by Matthew and Claire. Shortly after leaving Christchurch Park, there was an unfortunate lorry and trailer that broke down and held us up for a while. But eventually it was pushed out of our way by members of the crowds along the route. The lorry did make it to Felixstowe! Among the crowds waving us on was our Treasurer Jacky who managed to get some photos of us passing by.

At Felixstowe there were hundreds of people along the seafront taking a look at all the old vehicles. Most of us managed to park up together and went off to find our plaques and a look around. The weather turned cooler around 3pm when we all decided to head home.

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