Scole Indoor Meeting February 2015 - Iceni Minors

Scole Indoor Meeting February 2015

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After the business side of the meeting took place, with members being asked to add their names to lists for the forthcoming rally season, we had refreshments and then welcomed Neil Kidby to talk to us on car restoration.

Neil is our Webmaster and has also looked after the servicing on our Chairman Gordon’s former car. Neil spoke about the restoration of his  Austin three litre and how he had saved it from becoming a racing car.

He had in fact bought it twice and had made a lot of the more rare parts for the car. This was followed by members questions.

At this meeting we also held a pub-card draw with Dick Talbot being the winner. Dick kindly donated his winnings to our fundraising for Cancer Research, with another £20.00 from this meeting being added. Martin brought along some of his more rarer model cars, as he could not come along to the AGM in November.

Cecil and Gill Jay talking to Neil

Thank you goes to Angie and Heidi for keeping us supplied with cups of tea and coffee and Mary and Chris for bringing along the cakes. Also to Neil for taking the time to come and speak to us.

A footnote from Neil…

Hi everyone, just a little note to you all for the warm welcome and your hospitality. As our cars get older, and it doesn’t matter what make or type it is, we will all come across difficulties in running or restoring our cars.

These difficulties can be overcome with the right approach and a bit of thought. Surviving car numbers mean a healthy parts supply should be there for Minor’s for many years which is a nice position to be in.

Parts can be remade if it’s viable and the demand is there, it’s just a matter of who does these things and where to go. As an example 3-litre brake discs are unique to these cars and new ones are completely unobtainable.

I had to go to a company in Australia in the end but we now have new brake discs again! Ok they are £80 each but at least they are available. I have also had new radiator hoses, by pass hoses and heater hoses remade, and numerous other parts.

As returned in April 2012
Finished March 2013

The point I am making is we will all be enjoying our fine old cars for many years to come. I have included a couple of pictures of my old beast and you can see more of the story on my website, which I confess may be a bit of an obsession.

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