6th September 2020 – Classics at Glemham

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This event was in doubt of going ahead only a few weeks before due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Members all booked online for the Track and Trace after the event was certified “Good to Go”. This meant that the organisers had all the risk assessments and measures in place for the Coronavirus restrictions on events.

There were around 950 vehicles on the rally field and the shear number of vehicles attending caused a traffic jam outside on the A12. Many members had to queue to get in, I think, mainly due to the entrance to the field where the organisers had to look up your vehicle to see where you were to be positioned.

On our stand were nine Branch members cars and although we thought we had parked socially distanced, around about lunch time one of the organisers came and told us we had to have a reshuffle. Which we did. We weren’t alone as most of the other Club stands had to do the same.

The weather stayed nice and fine for us and it was nice to catch up with members that some of us hadn’t seen since our March indoor meeting. It was also nice to meet up with some of our new members. Due to the Coronavirus restrictions there were not as many stalls and hopefully we will be able to attend next year when things may be back to normal.

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