Scole Indoor Meeting October 2018 - Iceni Minors

21st October 2018 – Indoor meeting, Scole

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For our October meeting we invited Marko the Cartoonist along, because December 2017 we had to cancel him for the Christmas buffet due to bad weather at Scole. Marko told us how he got into drawing cartoons whilst drawing Dopey, one of the Seven Dwarfs. This was drawn upside down, Marko’s preferred method for this one. Sally, his partner, got us singing along to Hi Ho! Marko’s next cartoon was a Teddy Bear which was one of the first cartoons he had ever drawn. The next drawing was of an elf – Pimple, and Marko likes to include him in some way in all of his cartoons, which is like a kind of trademark.

Marko also does impressions and he used to be part of a double act impersonating Stan Laurel and he also does Norman Wisdom. For Norman Wisdom’s 90th birthday, Marko was invited to draw a birthday card for him, something of which he is justifiably proud. Marko draws a Christmas card for him and Sally every year which usually shows some part of the village of Lound, where they live. The next drawing was of the ducks on the pond near the village pub. To end the meeting off we had asked Marko to get us drawing a cartoon Morris Minor and with the help of Sally we all had a go and the results were very good!

After the demonstration we held our meeting and discussed what we would be doing in the next few months. We held a football card and the winner was Brian Lloyd who won £10 and gave back £5, thank you Brian, so we raised a total of £35. From this meeting on we are to charge for refreshments as Chairman Mary brings her lovely cakes, so proceed from these will go towards the RNLI for our next round of fund-raising for 2019. £16 was raised for the RNLI.

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