Stonham Barns August 2019 - Iceni Minors

18th August 2019 – Classic Car Show, Stonham Barns

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Our members love going to this event as there are so many things to do and see. There is a car boot sale (which members Jacky and Brian Lloyd had a spot), auto jumble stalls (which member Bryan Gostling had a stall), well over 600 vehicles on the rally field and also the shopping complex at Stonham Barns to look around. 

Some members aren’t seen for ages as their families also met up with them to look round. A couple of our members cars had breakdowns, but thankfully they made it to the stand and home again. The weather was a lovely late summer day, but there was about half an hour of rain, which did not deter visitors.

We had 14 cars on our stand which was amongst 30 other car clubs on the field. Lots of MMOC and Branch membership forms were given out and we hope to see new members join us soon. We sold a lot of Morris Minor regalia too. Branch members Chris Mitchell and Marion and John and Maureen Barbour took their vehicles around the show ring to show the public during the afternoon.

Our fundraising for Lowestoft RNLI continued with the sale of our squares which this time were all flowers. Mary Stannard and Jimmy Loades took the squares round the other car clubs and they were soon filled. We had a visit from Essex Branch member Suzanne Evans who kindly picked out a winning square.

This was won by a member of the Hillman Car Club and they kindly donated the winnings of £20 back. So with other donations we raised a further total of £106.

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