Journey Through the Ages Palgrave June 2018 - Iceni Minors

17th June 2018 – Journey Through the Ages, Palgrave

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Members attended this event both on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend. Trevor Taylor attended on the Saturday and he met up with Horst Gerngreif from Germany. Horst had been in contact with Tricia and asked her to include him in the event as he was staying at Snape. He was also going to the 70th anniversary National Rally at Kelmarsh Hall the next weekend and asked Tricia to enter him into this rally too.

On the Sunday we had a total of eleven Branch cars on the rally field, although this year we couldn’t put our tent up and not all of us could park together. However, we did put up our flags, just to let everyone know where we were, as we were part of a display of over 400 vehicles. We were joined during the day by Ellena Sneath and her green Traveller. This was driven by her granddad as Ellena can’t drive yet.

There were lots of items of interest on the site which included lots of stalls and food outlets. There was also a dog show taking part on the day and Carolyn Hancock entered her chocolate Labrador, Rolo into the Most Handsome Dog class and he won. Her friend also entered her dog Daisy in the Prettiest Bitch class and took third prize, so well done to you all.

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